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License #E-1866
Diamondhead Building, Hwy 31
1957 Hoover Court, Ste. 206
Hoover, AL 35226
(Behind Wells Fargo in the white office building) (205) 623-1177
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Now Offering Body Contouring Services

April is back and is offering Radio Frequency and Cavitaion treatments to help get rid of cellulite, reduce those fatty areas that just wont budge and tighten skin.

CBD Lotion Upgrade

Up to 100mg CBD $10
Certificate of Analysis available here.

We Have Moved!

We have moved to the Diamondhead building in the Hoover Court Shopping Center, behind Wells Fargo in the white office building. It is on the far left of the same shopping center as the Jefferson County Revenue Office.

We have a 4th treatment room, a larger couple's room, and a bathroom off reception. Clients will also find that they have more privacy as the rooms open onto an interior hallway separate from reception.

I've also purchased two spa tables for the comfort of those who cannot comfortably lie flat on their backs. For prenatal clients, this allows us to work your neck and shoulders better while you recline.

We Have a Wait List!

Our booking service includes a wait list.

If we are booked for the time you would like. You can specify what therapist, date and time period you would like to be wait listed for. If we have an opening come up, we will call and/or email that we have an opening and the first to respond will get the spot.

Check out our Comfort Craft tables!

We have 2 Comfort Craft Model 800 Mid-Split Electric tables. The mid-split means that the table can bend up to a 40 angle, which aids to open the back (9) or with a steeper angle can be used to assist in stretching. This is the table under all our padding and sheets in 2 of our 4 rooms.
One of Our Comfort Craft Mid Split Electric Tables


Communication is vital to get the most out of your massage. No two people are alike and what is enjoyed by one person may not be enjoyed by another. What one person considers "light" pressure may be considered "hard" by another. You may love the time I spend on your knees and want me to spend more time, or you may not get anything from it and prefer I spend that time on your hands. If you are uncomfortable having your face touched, ask me to skip the face massage part. There are things one therapist will do in a routine massage that other therapists don't routinely do; please let me know if there is anything you want me to do that I am not doing.

Drink plenty of fluids. When you hurt or stress muscle fibers it will tighten up to protect itself and recruit other muscle fibers to help it. This causes a reduction in blood flow and a buildup of waste in the muscle. When I perform a massage it will relax the muscle (at least to a certain extent; if you've spent months making it hurt, I'm probably not going to fix it in one session). When the muscle relaxes, the blood flow will increase and waste is released. If you are not well hydrated you may feel flu-like symptoms after the massage. Drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids to flush the waste.

If you are well hydrated the massage will hurt less because if your body is short on its water supply, it will take water from the muscles for more vital organs and processes, leaving the muscle tough.

Pain Scale: For Therapeutic Massage, some clients have the philosophy that the more it hurts the more it is helping them (which is true up to a point), while others understand that because they have problems a massage will hurt, but prefer a lighter massage. When doing Therapeutic Massage I work on a pain scale of 1-10. Therapeutically, anywhere from 6-8 is acceptable because the muscle is not fighting us, and 9 or 10 are too much. I usually suggest that you shoot for a 6 unless your pain interferes in your life (you can't turn your head to check your blind spots when you drive or you can't concentrate at work.) I can feel the knots and the tension, but I can't feel your pain. Everyone is different and what I feel isn't always the same as what you feel. If I am going at a 6 and hit a spot that's an 8, tell me. That's an indication of a spot that needs work. I'll back off and work it at a tolerable level.

1.....You can barely feel me
5.....You can feel good pressure, but it doesn't hurt.
6.....You aren't sure it hurts. Kind of a "hurts so good" feeling
7.....Now you know it hurts, but you aren't clenching against it
8.....You may be clenching your teeth, fingers, or toes, but you are directing it away and not clenching the body part I am working on.
9.....You are flinching or wanting to move away from me.
10...You are telling me GET OFF! GET OFF! GET OFF!

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